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We are a team of independent driving instructors who teach Intensive Driving Courses in London and Hertfordshire that decided to create our own website.

How will this improve your ability to learn to drive you ask?


As a group of self employed fully qualified independent experienced driving instructors, we have been teaching customers manual or automatic intensive driving courses for many many years, boys, girls, men or woman young and not so young.

But how will your service be different from other companies?

Firstly – from 1st contact every phone call is answered by a GRADE A fully qualified instructor who can answer any questions you may have and help advise you to understand what course best suits your needs to reach the required standard and why.

You can ask the team to confirm your local driving instructor’s availability for an intensive driving course and what test centres have the best availability in your area.

Secondly – All our courses are confirmed over the phone or by email prior to any customer payments. All payments are made online or over the phone and customer will receive a receipt.

You can request a hold on course dates for 24 hours just to give that time to discuss with family or work before booking (after 24 hours the course will be reallocated).

Thirdly – All intensive driving courses will receive the full support of the office team if you have any questions or queries we are only a phone call away.

Fourthly – Depending on your course required emergingleft will book a customers DVSA test dates for the conclusion of their course. (We do not start intensive courses without a DVSA test date in place).

And Finally – Once course or lesson payment is received your instructor will contact you. After you have discussed and arranged your course of lessons we expect all instructor to text or email you over your lesson plan and for you to reply to this text or email confirming suitable.

If you do not agree lesson plan please do not commence course and contact the office immediately.
We also specialize with customers who may have medical condition to help get the confidence to pass their UK driving test and the new found freedom a license will give.
Emergingleft is a new company to the industry but has many old heads in charge. 
We only use self employed fully qualified senior instructors of the highest grade A, these are the instructors that the D.S.A (Driving Standards Agency) deem to be the best the industry have to offer.
Our team of A grade instructors are based in London and Hertfordshire and cover every D.T.C (driving test centre) in the London and Hertfordshire area.
Our A grade instructors goal is for every customers not just to pass their test’s but to become very confident drivers in all road aspects long before their test date appointment.
With the help of our experience A grade instructor’s an Emergingleft customer on practical test appointment will show there examiners the confidence and ability for every aspects of the DVSA test format.
All customers will be picked up from home and returned home at the conclusion of the lesson. The lesson will be performed on a 1 to 1 (instructor and student only) basis giving the customer 100% professional tuition with care and support when required.


What is Station to Station?

Over the last few year we have researched and realised customer learning to drive have grown tired of the hustle and bustle of central London the constant traffic and road closures and lack of parking spaces.

Emergingleft.co.uk has researched into this problem.

We understand the frustration for customers who sadly have spent a fortune on lessons with the inner London prices and have barely covered the DVSA syllabus.

So we decided to help and to offer customers an alternative option, Station to Station.

Inner to Outer London

Station to Station is exactly what it is, our instructors will pick up and drop off at a suitable station not far from your test center location, this will allow you to spend many extra hours familiarizing yourself with the area you are using instead of being stuck in TRAFFIC travelling to and from home.

Outside London

Kings Cross or St Pancras, Victoria or Waterloo for a maximum of 20 to 25 minute train journey you are out of the LONDON hustle and bustle, you can now learn to drive in a much much quieter area and where your DVSA test will take place.

For all Station to Station customers you will discuss and agree a plan of lesson times and dates leading up to your DVSA practical test date appointment with your A grade instructor.

This will be confirmed to you via text or email from your instructor, to complete this booking you must reply to your instructor’s email or text agreeing and accepting reserved times and dates, once received, your course is now in place.

Station to Station

Meeting point must be confirmed with your instructor and a scheduled plan of lessons times and dates leading up to your DVSA practical test date appointment.

This must be confirmed via a text or email before course commences.

Please always check train timetable before booking lessons.


“As a touring musician and living in London most of my adult life, I never actually got around to taking my driving test. It was only when my children were old enough to speak that they gradually started mocking me for not being able to drive, thus kicking my shame and parental responsibility into high gear! I cannot recommend Dennis and the team at Emerging Left more highly; their experience, patience and professionalism is 2nd to none. They ensured that by the time I took my test, I was a fully confident driver, was aware of the dangers and how to be safe on the road & was extremely knowledgeable about the rules of the road. Seems now my kids are only mocking me about everything else. Thanks guys!”

Ed Harcourt

Singer / Song Writer / Musician

“Den is truly a great instructor whom I would highly recommend for anyone who is serious about driving.  He is highly experienced, full of integrity, honest and has a knack for making you feel ‘calm, confident and in control.’

If you don’t learn how to drive with Den and Emerging Left, you simply shouldn’t be on the road!
Thank you Den and thank you Emerging Left!
All the Best,”



“I used 3 different driving instructor companies and Emerging Left was the best by far. The office team of instructor’s took time to ensure I understood the course that I required to help me pass my test. Everything was explained fully  before any payment was made.

My instructor was very patient and explained clearly what we were doing and why. I felt not just ready to pass my driving test which i did with 0 yes 0 minors but confident and safe to drive on the road with my baby girl.

I would recommend Emerging Left to anyone  who wants to learn to drive.”

Sharon Mullarkey

“Den is an exceptional driving instructor of remarkable patience and professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend him and Emerging Left to anyone wanting to get on the road. His dedication to his students puts him head and shoulders above any other instructor I encountered while learning.

Perhaps most importantly, he understands how daunting the process can be and has a knack for making you feel he is on your side. If you are someone who has failed before or finds driving tests stressful, Den and Emerging Left will get you through.”

Roland Oliphant

Reporter for the Telegraph

“I passed my driving test on the 13th of January 2017 with Emerging Left.

I had had a few lessons with somebody else previous to Emerging Left and I didn’t learn a thing with them, I was left feeling that this was a bridge to far and that i would never get my licence but as soon as I started lessons with my A grade instructor he gave me so much more encouragement and reassurance that the road became a place of confidence.
My instructor taught me to be a great driver and his knowledge and experience helped me to pass with only 1 minor fault. He made me feel comfortable while on lessons. If I made a mistake he would say ‘don’t worry let’s try again’. He was very patient with me during my lessons and gave me the confidence to pass my test. I am very happy I used Emerging Left as my driving instructor, I would recommend this company to any learner.”

Chloe, Wimbledon

“When I first started my driving lessons I felt very nervous and anxious about being behind the wheel. My instructor took all the nerves and anxiety away instantly with his calm and patient approach. He took his time to explain each and every step in a way I could understand and put into practice confidently. After each lesson I felt more and more confident and excited for the next lesson to come as each lesson was made fun. When doing my lessons I was studying in college and the office team and instructor tried their hardest to work around my classes and I believe I was provided the best customer care possible. The teaching was so effective that even now when parking I can still hear my instructors voice in my head telling me exactly what to do.”

Kelly Rice

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We aim to give the customer 100% professional tuition with care and support when required to provide the best learning experience.

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