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Driving Instructor Code of Conduct and Ethics. What you should expect from someone you are paying to teach you to drive.


Answer: There are several factors that you should expect from your driving instructor – please see the list below of what you would expect as a paying customer.

1. Qualification – Always ask your instructor what their GRADE is – the highest grade will be a grade A. This grade is given to the instructor by a senior examiner on their teaching techniques. I am not saying that grade B instructors cannot teach in the same manner or do not have passes –  I just feel if I am paying for a service then I want the best.

2. Vehicle – A fully qualified driving instructor will have a dual controlled vehicle and their A.D.I or P.D.I. badge should be displayed at all times. Dual control pedals are pedals your instructor can use when needed to prevent a dangerous situation – there is a brake pedal and a clutch pedal positioned on the passenger’s side and they are there for your instructor to use if he feels there is danger ahead. If your instructor needs to intervene (take over), they should give you warning that they are about to take over and – most importantly – a full explanation of what you did wrong and how you can prevent this happening again.

3. Character – As a person learning to drive will make mistakes – which is inevitable and part of being a learner – your instructor should always support you, give you the correct guidance and help you improve your learning patterns, however fast or slow. If you find your instructor is raising their voice and not supporting you, I would recommend finding alternative instruction.

4. Punctuality – Your driving course should be planned out with agreed booked in advance lessons at times and dates that suit your needs. If your instructor has to cancel a lesson, they should give you notice as soon possible. If you find your instructor fails to turn up without giving you any notice of cancellation and keeps doing this on a regular basis, I feel the instructor involved is showing you that they are not fully committed to your course and I would recommend you find alternative instruction with an instructor who shows they are prepared to complete a course of training to help you gain your licence.

All instructors should explain fully what their terms and conditions are with regards to late cancellations and when you will be charged.

TIPS – Questions to ask your instructor before paying for any lessons or course fees are:

Can you show me proof of what GRADE you are and how long have you been a qualified instructor?

Can I get proof of any monies I pay you and a schedule of my lessons booked?

Can you show me how you plan out all your customer courses?

Do you give debrief’s during the course to what stage the customer is currently at and what improvement is required

DANGERS –  Things that you should never except from your instructor:

1. Foul language – under no circumstance should you ever have to put up with someone shouting or swearing at you –  it is totally unprofessional, especially as you are paying the instructor for a service.

2. Cleanliness – All vehicles should be kept to a clean standard when you are paying to learn to drive and your window view for the road should always be clear. You should also expect the same from your instructor – you certainly shouldn’t have to put up with smells like food, tobacco smoke or body odour.

3. Conduct – You should definitely not stay with your instructor if you feel they are being inappropriate. Your instructor should never make any remarks or suggestive conversation.  Under no circumstances should there be any form of brushing, rubbing or touching – you should always feel safe in your instructor’s company.

PLEASE contact the DVSA on 03002001122 and report incidents like this immediately – these individuals should not be in a position of trust.

You can also use the link below, but please remember that you will need instructor’s identification number, which is located on their badge displayed on the window:



Any complaints with regard to the instructor’s training, training vehicle, ethnic origin, sex or training resources is a form of preference and should be stated when booking the first lesson, not after your first lesson.

If you have any problems or wish to raise a complaint, please talk to your allocated instructor first.

If you are still unhappy then put this in writing by email to:  and include your name, your best contact number, your driving instructors name and a brief description of your complaint and member of staff will contact you as soon as possible.

If your complaint is regarding your test preparation please tell us in advance, not after your test, so we can help you. This gives you and us the best possible chance of passing first time.

Please understand that every instructor has their own way of teaching. If you have decided to seek a second opinion from another driving school and they disagree with our instructor’s teaching methods, it doesn’t always mean your new school is right. If you have any issues regarding your lessons, then please speak to your instructor first or alternatively contact us at we are always on hand to help in any way we can.

Many thanks.


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